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C A N D Y   M U R D O C K

A client hires a designer because they need something different to make their interior space feel like a home. Candy has found that what she enjoys most about being an interior designer is the challenge of finding the unique solutions that each design process demands. Her career started in Boston working for architectural firms designing the interiors of schools, offices and hospitals. Candy came to Cleveland to work for the nationally respected architect Piet van Dijk.  She subsequently formed her own interior design firm, Total Space, so she could follow her passion for residential interior design. Candy has worked on hundreds of homes in the north Ohio area. Having done total renovations on many of her own homes, it was an honor to have had one of her renovations published in House Beautiful. For the past three years, Chestnut Hill Home has proved to be a wonderful environment for her because she loves working with a group of smart, creative and inspirational women. "We all discuss our design ideas and the collaboration produces a better outcome for each of our clients." 

The people that Candy has worked with have enjoyed having their homes become more useful and more beautiful at the same time. She works with her clients to find creative and effective solutions to their individual design needs. The project may be a kitchen, bath, living space, bedroom, office or an entire home - careful planning is needed for each space.

The demands for any job can be as complex as attention to interior and exterior architectural detailing or as specific as a conversion of a seldom used corridor into an intimate wine bar. The process of designing an interior space often includes at first a master plan. This takes in to account all the projects that will be tackled long term to achieve a family's design needs and then divide this process into a phased plan. At this point a client can feel a little more in control of what they want to tackle first. Each phase will begin by drawing a plan that includes a furniture layout with all the  architectural details. This is a start toward making  the right style selections and implementing a color scheme that pleases all the decision makers.

"Being at Chestnut Hill Home affords all of us the opportunity to be exposed to a huge array of new design concepts, wonderful and unique fabric lines for furniture and window treatments, talented artisans and beautiful lighting solutions. "It's not only inspirational and educational for us, as designers, it is for everyone that works with us."

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